Hello, I’m Anthony Guidetti! If you’re looking for a bunch of words to describe who I am, I’m a YouTuber, blogger, content creator, award-winning graphic designer, videographer, Taco Bell enjoyer, Ford owner, and most importantly, geek.

If you’re looking for something extensive, here’s this: For my entire life, I’ve been fascinated with all things tech, and that’s why I love writing about it so much. I enjoy expressing my opinions on things and being as real and honest as I can. That’s why I made GeekOnIn, a place where all geeks can express their opinions and share information. That’s why I post frequently here and on Twitter. That’s why I make YouTube videos. I love to engage with other people, to learn new things, and see different view points.

Besides tech, I also enjoy videography, and television production. At my middle school, I joined a club which produced the video morning announcements, and other video projects the school needed. I was granted the title of Editor in Chief, which looks over the video and controls the final outcome. At my High School, I took video classes that work in live video production and graphic design. I’ve won multiple awards for my graphic design work, including a T-Shirt contest and a scholarship. I also produced the live morning announcements working on the Broadcast Pix video switcher, audio board and in Final Cut.

Oh, and if you came here to find out how to pronounce my last name, it’s Jah-Dead-Eee.