Review of the Chromecast with Google TV: Google Gets it Right

The History of Chromecast and Google TV For years, Google has been attempting to get into the living rooms of streaming consumers, but with little success. Google TV initially started in 2010 as a smart platform for third-party set top boxes and TV manufacturers. It never caught on as devices were expensive and the experience was generally slow and clunky, and it ended in 2014.  Within the Google TV timeframe, Google attempted to create its own TV devices called the Nexus Player and the Nexus Q. The Nexus Player used the same Google TV software, but never caught for the same reasons above. The Nexus Q was a device that wasn't controlled with a remote, but with an Android smartphone. The Q didn't sell well as it didn't support many apps, and required specific Android phones for it to function, but it found a niche of users that appreciated its unique no-remote functionality, and spherical design. Google listened to the Q's criticism and in 2013 released the Chromecast: a

Conan O'Brien to Leave Late Night Television After 28 Years: His History with Late Night and His Future

As a fan of television, late-night television shows, and Conan O’Brien, this is definitely big news. I don’t want to call it depressing, as O’Brien isn't going anywhere. He still hosts his podcast and will begin a weekly variety show on HBO Max, but if you have followed the history of late night, this is significant. Conan's NBC Late Night History O’Brien started his career as a writer, most notably at Saturday Night Live and The Simpsons. It was at SNL where Lorne Michaels thought highly of O’Brien, so when NBC tasked Michaels to take over Late Night after Letterman moved to CBS, O’Brien was at the top of his list. He initially wanted O’Brien to produce for the show, but Conan declined, seeking to be considered for the host position. As Bob Costas was planning to leave the 1:35 timeslot, O’Brien and his agent assumed he would be passed over for Late Night, but could be in the running for Later. However, when Lorne Michaels couldn’t find a host fast enough, O’Brien was given an