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My Thoughts on Switching to the M1 Mac from Windows

My History with the Mac I’ve been a Windows user my entire life. Since I was a little kid, I was instantly drawn to electronics, especially the computer. We had an old Windows computer, and I quickly picked up using the mouse, and the basics of using Windows just so I could play a computer game. Then when I went to elementary school, I found a new fascination: The Mac. My school had iMacs in the classrooms and the computer lab, and I loved any opportunity I could get to use them. They were cool. First of all, they weren’t the standard beige color like every other computer. Our school had ones that were green, blue, or white. Second, the whole computer was inside where the screen was, something I had never seen before. Third, the CD was slot loading like a car, which is awesome. Fourth, the keyboard and mouse. Just look up the Apple Pro Keyboard and Mouse from the time and compare it to your standard PC peripherals. And fifth, the Mac OS. Even back in the days of Mac OS 9, I just liked

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