Hello, I'm Anthony!

I'm a video editor and content creator with a degree in Communications Film and New Media.

I've been working with and writing about media and tech since 2010.

I've been writing about media and technology for over ten years. I've created websites that at peak have reached 2,000 hits per month, with a dedicated subscription base.

I've taken on many projects from live shows, to pre-recorded video, complete with audio editing, graphics, and branding.

I've created short films, TV commercials, stop-motion animation, and intro and logo graphics for productions.

Image for Graphic Design

I won a T-Shirt design contest used for a rowing team's season.

I also won an award, scholarship, and book cover reference design contest used for a published book.

I've created introduction videos for clients to enhance their video production. This was made with After Effects for a client to use in bulk across their video series.