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MTV and the Issues with Niche Branding on Linear Television

MTV first hit the airwaves in 1981, and like ESPN and CNN, brought a revolution to cable television. The networks CBS, ABC, and NBC provide a catch-all service where consumers can find entertainment, sports, and news. With cable, individual channels could devote entire schedules to niche specific programming. And just like ESPN and CNN, no one knew if it would succeed. Could a 24-hour music video channel survive? It did, and the format remained unchanged for the first five years of the channel, until executives began to express concerns of the longevity of only airing music videos. Much like CNN and ESPN, there aren’t 24-hour sports or news events happening all the time, so channels have to improvise with other types of shows. The issue with MTV's 24-hour music video format was if a viewer channel surfs and doesn’t like the current song on the air, they aren’t likely to stick around when there’s a lineup of others channels available. Should they find another show, it'll be at l

Things I Hope To See With Tomorrow's iPhone Event

  I've been an on-and-off iPhone user since December 2009, and a lot has changed in that time. I was 11 years old when the first iPhone was released, and I remember just how amazing it looked. It didn't matter that it lacked odd features, like not being able to send texts with photos, it couldn't record video, and you could only buy it on AT&T. None of that mattered because iPhone was worlds ahead of other phone on the market. Today, not so much. I've owned several iPhone (yes, iPhone is the plural for iPhone; you're also not supposed to have "an" or "the" before iPhone) over the years. My first smartphone was an iPhone 3G that I got for Christmas in 2009. I then got a Samsung Focus Windows Phone, which I ended up destroying the screen when it dropped out of my pocket, thus I acquired a hand-me-down 3GS. Then I got a few more Windows Phones until January 2015 when I bought an iPhone 6 Plus. I had that for half a year when I traded it for a fr