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Comedy Central's Pivot to Animation is Strange

I'm fascinated with media in general, but I'm especially fascinated with ViacomCBS. It's difficult for me to explain, I just find their history and where they are now to be interesting. In the '90s and 2000s, the Viacom channel lineup was filled with niche programming that was very successful at reaching a large young audience. Now that same niche programming that once lit the world on fire is stuck on cable, a world where the coveted 18-49 demographic isn't overwhelmingly watching and the buzz is simply not there. Other conglomerates have made quick moves to combat streaming, and while ViacomCBS is not only taking its time with developing its in-house solution, it's creating deals with its existing and future content with competing streaming services. There's ViacomCBS content across the board on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Peacock, and everyone's favorite, Quibi. Plus content on CBS All Access, which has a rebrand coming soon.  ViacomCBS is also attempting

Reasons Why I Might Switch to iPhone

I've been an on and off iPhone user for a decade, and despite my issues with their fights against Right to Repair, soldering replaceable parts to the motherboard, and their App Store monopoly practices, there are a few undeniable things that Apple does well, and for that, here are some of the reasons I'm considering the upcoming iPhone 12. iOS is Now on Par with Android - It's no secret Apple tends to take years to implement basic features into iOS. Remember how long it took for a user to add a background image? Now that iOS 14 will have widgets on the home screen, allowing the user to actually remove apps they don't use from the home screen, plus picture-in-picture, changing the default web browser, and a bunch of other welcome additions, iOS is now at my standard of feature set.  The Best Hardware and Software Optimization  - Apple makes the hardware and the software, and because of this, there's no other phone, as well as tablet or computer, that can match its pe

What Free Streaming Services Are There?

Some people who decide to cut the cord aren't just looking to save money, they want to eliminate an entertainment bill every month, and it's never been easier. With a good antenna, it's common to be able to receive more than 20 over-the-air local channels for free. However, you may not be interested in these channels at all hours of the day, and considering the amount of TV Land-style classic rerun channels, this may not entirely interest you.  Luckily with just the cost of an internet connection, there are plenty of legal free streaming services to keep you entertained with just the cost of your time and patience with advertisement breaks. A paid service like Netflix offers the better chance of more up-to-date content, and tons of original programming, but if you can live with content that may be a little less than new, there's still a good selection of free streaming platforms to keep you satisfied. Crackle Originally started by Sony in 2007, Crackle streamed content

Which Paid Streaming Service Should I Use?

There's a lot of streaming services on the market all searching for your money in exchange for a library of on-demand movies and TV shows. The question becomes which one is right for you? Of course there is no one right answer, but if you're looking for a quick list of their strengths, hopefully this can help ease your dilemma of which ones to choose. Netflix Netflix is the number one streaming service, and with its vast library of original movies, series, documentaries, stand-up specials, kids programming, and much more, it's easy to see why. Starting at $8.99 a month for the low quality stream and $12.99 for the HD stream, there's something for everyone, and even if there isn't, Netflix's DVD rental program is still an add-on to consider. Netflix gained popularity initially by licensing popular TV shows and movies, but now many of the programs that were once on Netflix have moved to the streaming services of the companies that own them, so no more Friends and

The Best Online Live TV Services Ranked

If you're like most people, you're probably looking to cut the cable TV cord. Some people can get rid of cable TV and live off of an antenna, plus there are other free and paid on-demand streaming services like Pluto TV and Netflix. However, if you still want cable channels but don't want to pay the cable price, there are several options out there, and here's a list of them with some pros and cons: Best Overall: YouTube TV Hands down, there's no better live TV service than YouTube TV. There are cheaper services, but no other service can match the experience of traditional TV while offering a better product Pros: Unlimited DVR storage, with recordings that last for 9 months. Not to mention the ability to pause and fast forward commercials on any channel while watching live, something no other service can offer. Only Sling offers the ability to keep recordings forever, but the limit on storage is 50 hours. Up to 6 users can have their own personalized accounts with th