Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Onision is a hypocrite, but you already knew that

Sometimes I get into moods where I like watching rants on YouTube. I don’t know why, it’s just interesting to see people get so passionate about something. One of the ones I re-watched recently was a debate Onision held with Someguy827, where through the entire thing, Onision basically dodged questions either by answering with a condescending question or with an outright lie talking about how he changed when you can see, even today, he’s still the same old asshole. But one thing that pissed me off the most about the whole thing was the ending. Onision asked Someguy827 why if he hated him so much, he put so much attention and anger towards that one thing, and told him that it’s only logical that if you don’t like something, you leave that thing alone. *Facepalm*
It’s human nature to rant about the things we don’t like. It shows that we care about something so much that we want it to change for the better. And in this case, it’s so Onision stops manipulating other people. And Onision of all people should DEFINITELY know this. So many of this videos, past and present, are about how he hates certain things, including groups of people. Just watch any of his videos talking about how great he is that he’s a vegetarian and how meat-eaters are *insert childish insult*. Or his top ten videos where he talks about how he hates Republicans, and then not making a video about why he hates Democrats, or why he likes Republicans. Because as Onision said in the debate, you should always also make a video about the positive things about people instead of just focusing on the negative. And let’s not forget his exes. He’ll defend himself on being negative to groups of people because they’re not just one person. Okay, then why is it that he’ll gladly throw one of his exes under the bus, and make them out to be the bad person? The relationship is over, get over yourself, and stop using your fans to bash someone you don’t care for anymore. It’s ridiculous. And then he wonders why the internet knows so much about him. He doesn’t understand what privacy is.
And me talking about Onision isn’t because I’m looking for attention from someone who’s “popular”, or that I’m secretly in love with him, or I’m somehow jealous of him. It’s because he enrages me. His ongoing stupidity and pretentious attitude are irritating. I think I wouldn’t care so much if he just presented whatever his point of view is on whatever, and left it there, but he just has to complain like a 10 year old about something he doesn’t like, and call people who don’t agree with him “retards” and other words 10 year olds use to stir up anger. Oh, and he’ll also defend himself on using that word because he’s a “comedian”.
But you know what, with what people see as stupidity and hypocrisy, I see brilliance. For the wrong reasons of course. This guy knows exactly what buttons to push on people so they give him attention, and that attention brings in dollah bills. That, and the 12 year old girls that watch his videos love his makeup and unclever immature humor.

I don't understand Chris Pirillo's dislike of the dislike button

Of all the people I follow on YouTube, no one seems to want more positive feedback than Chris Pirillo. And please understand me: I’ve been a fan of Chris’s for a long time, since about 2009ish. I strongly value his opinions, being both honest and accurate, and am a paying patron on ChrisPirillo.com . I am in no way a “hater”, just a fan that cares. And being a fan, I don’t believe anyone should just blindly follow everything a person does just because you like what they do. You can have issues with things. 
That being said, I watch his Pirillo Vlogs almost every day. I just enjoy watching Chris in a more engaging way than with his live.pirillo.com stream. He’s a very interesting person. But one thing I don’t like hearing is him saying at the end of every video “thanks again for liking, sharing, commenting, and watching even more of our videos right now after clicking the gear icon next to the subscribe button to be notified of our videos.” Now, this could just a sincere acknowledgment to those who have already done this, but to me, it just seems like he’s guilting people. Especially in the live streams he’ll do with Barnacules Nerdgasm, which are fucking hilarious. If the stream doesn’t make it to a certain milestone with the likes bar, he’ll pull the “oh, I guess no one likes what we do, I guess we don’t have to do this again” card, so then people feel guilty for not liking the video. And look, if he’s saying this for an honest reason like he wants to know how many people actually like the content, fine, but there’s a better way to say that without being condescending. But then he’ll talk about how he doesn’t like the dislike button because it doesn’t give information as to why the viewer didn’t like the video, and that it spreads hate. I fully understand the no feedback portion, being that all he wants to know is why the person didn’t like the video. But what I don’t understand is how it spreads hate. Of all the mean things people do on the internet, the dislike button is extremely tame. Whenever I receive a dislike, I just brush it off. I realize that I’m not going to be everyone’s fan, and either someone had a bad day and found me annoying, or they genuinely had an issue with my video. And I can most of the time gauge why people didn’t like the video from the comments. People write mean things about me all the time, and I just never take them to heart. If I’m going to put myself out there, I have to expect negativity. And I can’t understand how Chris could take something as meaningless as a comment or a dislike to heart. He’s been on the internet since 1996, I’d think he’d be used to it by now.
Now from me, I have no evidence of anyone genuinely liking my content. But Chris does. Almost 800 people, including myself, find his content valuable enough to pay to support his endeavors. That should be enough for him to not need to ask for likes on his videos. And even if a video does get disliked, even by a fan, it’s honest feedback. And honesty is always the best policy. If you don’t like something, you want to tell that person or group of people so they can better themselves, or just at least have the information; they don’t need to act on it. Much like whenever Chris reviews a product like the original Surface. He wanted the product to be better, and he explained why he didn’t like the product. And like the dog vlog video. So what if people didn’t like it, you tried something new, people are going to be upset because it’s different. It’s not a personal jab. Much like this post isn’t a jab at Chris, I just find some things about the content disheartening.
I’m not trying to tell Chris what to do, partly because he’ll probably never read this anyway, but mostly because I’m not looking for him to change just because I say so. I’m just expressing how I feel about the content. I’m going to remain a patron and supporter of Chris Pirillo, and like-r of videos, I just wanted to express my opinions.