Monday, April 28, 2014

It's a not so great day for America, everybody.

Today, it was announced that Craig Ferguson would be leaving The Late Late Show sometime in December. To be honest, I’m sort of happy this is happening, and here’s why.
Back in the summer of 2011, that’s when I first started my love of David Letterman. I was looking back at his old Late Night things, and was really getting into Late Show, even though it was no where near as funny as his old stuff. But then, after the show was over, one night I decided to stay on CBS to see what the show was like. Instantly, I was hooked. It just felt different from everything else on TV, especially with Craig’s gay talking skeleton robot Geoff, which back when he only said about 5 different things was hilarious. The moments when Secretariat would come in and everyone in the studio went crazy were amazing, and it honestly had me laughing out loud, which I don’t do all that often with TV shows now-a-days. Craig just seemed to have fun doing the show. That and the fact that Craig would constantly talk about how crappy his studio was, with the leaks and power outages, all around, it was wonderful.
Then, something happened around the time Craig got his new studio. Geoff now speaks in full sentences, which is just not as funny, and it just seems now Craig isn’t having all that much fun with the show. I don’t know if it’s just me, but he just seems to be there because he has to. Now that CBS decided to not move him up to 11:35, to me, it feels right that he wants to retire. Nine years is a long time, and he’s done some genuinely great episodes of the show. Thanks for all the laughs, Craig.
Television is sure going to suck a lot more after December. Really, the only late night shows to watch, in my opinion, are Jimmy Kimmel and Conan. I’m really kind of worried about Colbert taking over. Oh well, at least there’s the internet.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Stop Blaming Television, Parents

I follow a Simpsons blog here on Tumblr, and one of things they do every so often is show an FCC complaint made by a viewer, where they describe what they feel is too inappropriate for broadcast television, and then the clip is shown. And every time, I get really pissed off. I hate how some parents feel that television channels should be responsible for taking care of children rather than the parents. It’s like they honestly feel that the entire world revolves around their stupid kid, and their inability to properly discuss with them what goes on in the real world. Be a parent, and tell your kid to not watch the things you don’t want them to watch, or explain to them that it’s just a television show and to not do or take serious the things in the show. It’s not Fox’s fault, or any network or personality that your kid watched their content. Besides the obvious fact that no one is forcing your kid to be tainted by inappropriate television, there’s this fancy thing called the internet where you can research about shows to learn if that’s the kind of thing you want your kid watching, like Common Sense Media. Also, there is this thing built into every new television called a V-Chip, where you can block certain channels or ratings. Speaking of ratings, The Simpsons is rated TV-PG, which means parental guidance. At no point is Fox misleading anyone into thinking the show is kid friendly.
Parents, please start taking responsibility for your own kids. These are the same people who blame fast food companies for making their kids unhealthy. You brought your kid in, Ronald McDonald didn’t feed your kid a hamburger.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Don't hate on Chromebooks

Everyone’s biased. I am a total Microsoft fanboy. I absolutely love my Windows Phone, and want my next PC to be a Surface Pro 2. That being said, I don’t understand Microsoft’s ad campaign against Chromebooks. Their main points of hatred are:
  1. It has to be connected to the internet all the time.
  2. You can’t install apps like Office.
To anyone that uses the internet argument, honestly tell me how often you use a computer without the internet. It’s 2014, what can you even do on a computer without the internet today? I can think of a couple things, maybe watch a DVD, play minesweeper, play with the screen savers, that’s about it. Would I want to do any of these things? No. Every time I lose internet or have no access to it, I cry. It’s basically the same thing I’d do with a Chromebook without the internet.
And honestly, how often do people use Office anymore? Google Docs is free and pretty good. It’s not as good as Office, but it’s free. Not to mention, Microsoft already makes a free office suite online in OneDrive, so honestly, who wants to drop $140 for something that’s for free and pretty good elsewhere? And the apps thing, the only apps I use are Chrome, Tweetdeck, Spotify and Skype. That’s it, and all of those things can be found online, especially when Skype is built into, which makes Microsoft’s argument less meaningful.
So even though I would love and recommend a Windows tablet over a Chromebook, I still think Chromebooks are a pretty good alternative. Especially at prices between $170-250 when all most people want to do is browse the internet. So Microsoft, find better arguments.

Monday, April 7, 2014

I'm confused by the 99% Protesters

I just watched and read an article about how Kevin Rose, an employee of Google Ventures, a tech start-up company and previous host of Diggnation and The Screen Savers on TechTV, had his home protested by an anti-tech army. They’re angry because:
  1. The tech boom in San Francisco brings in entrepreneurs who get paid a lot of money.
  2. They don’t get any of this money.
  3. They have to work for these entrepreneurs at low paying jobs.
Hearing these people protest is like hearing a five year old complain they can’t get the toy they want. These protesters seem to think that because start-ups get handed all this money, they don’t actually have to work, that they get to sit around all day. Starting, running, and maintaining a business is extremely hard tedious work that takes experience, non-stop care and dedication. I can’t even imagine the amount of stress these people have to go through all day with the uncertainty of their business sustaining. You can’t just sit back and enjoy the ride, because that ride will end abruptly and painfully. These 99% protesters are horribly misinformed about how businesses work, and frankly it pisses me off. These self-entitled assholes complain and whine that they don’t just get handed this money that they think they deserve for some reason.
Sure, there is a real problem with the rent situation in major cities and the fact that minimum wage does not cover living expenses in the modern world. But at the end of the day, a business is a business, they cannot afford to just hand out money. Something has to be done, but the idea that businesses and individuals have to pay for these people is ridiculous. I honestly want to see one of the 99% protesters make a shitload of money and count how much of it goes to other people who don’t make as much. We’ll see how much they actually care.
If they actually want progress, they need to stop demanding outrageous requests, and to stop appearing to just want attention to get attention. Progress comes from maturity and unity, not bitching about someone else’s wealth.