Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why Blogger Affiliate Ads Are a Bad Thing

I recently switched from a Wordpress hosted site to Blogger. Not because I wasn't happy with Wordpress or Technodes Host, but because I wanted to go back to not paying for hosting. I want to save up my money for other things. Now, if I didn't care about my blog quality, I would clutter the site with donation links, advertisements and anything possible to make as much money as I can. But because I care about how my blog looks and the experience for my readers, I choose to keep it as clean as possible. But Blogger users now get an extra way to make money by a new service called Google Affiliate Ads for Blogger.

The way Affiliate Ads works is as long as you have an active AdSense account, you choose a product from the searchable list in the side of the new post page and write a post about the product and include a link down at the bottom so the reader can buy the product, and you get a cut of the purchase. This sounds like a great way for some Bloggers to get paid for doing what they love, but this system can be abused very quickly. From what I have seen of this, there is no way that Google or the seller knows that you own the product. Anyone can write a review from what they read online or just re-write the description on Amazon.

In the right hands, this feature brings to bloggers who want to talk about something they purchased the added benefit of getting a percentage of the pay if someone buys it with their link. Unfortunately, there are people who will overuse this and hopefully, will get caught by Google fast.