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Late Night Shows As I See It

Recently, I got into the Late Show with David Letterman and the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. I consider myself a fan because I watch the shows almost every night, but I don't consider myself a late night talk show expert. But I'll try to explain my thought process as best I can.

On August 12, 2011, TBS announced they were canceling Lopez Tonight, the first late night talk show on TBS and the lowest rated. It first aired in November of 2009, and personally, I wasn't a fan. I just felt the show lacked something, oh what is it. Oh yeah, comedy. And many people agreed. It didn't bring in big numbers. But when Conan left The Tonight Show in a big media uproar, Conan signed a deal with TBS. With Conan Feeling hesitant about the deal, Lopez himself persuaded him to take the show. With TBS hoping to bring big ratings and sustain Conan's audience to watch Lopez's show now moved to midnight, the plan backfired. With a declining viewership in Conan's show, Lopez Tonight lost more than half the viewership they had. So TBS, with a show that wasn't making money, cancelled Lopez Tonight.

Some are comparing this to what happened to Conan on The Tonight Show, but personally, I disagree. Leno on the show said he wanted not to create the same stink he made when he hosted the show instead of Letterman, and "the show's yours." Don't believe me?

Lopez wanted Conan to have the time slot. Leno said he would give the show to Conan, but decided to stick around to force Conan to leave. See the difference?

I do have opinions on the other late night shows, like Jimmy Kimmel Live. Although not live, I do think he is really funny and deserves more viewers. Because Leno stole The Tonight Show twice, and many bits from other people, and on top of that, isn't funny, I don't watch his show, and I'm surprised a lot of people do. I suppose it's tradition, but come on. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Not a strong host, but alright as long as he isn't laughing at his jokes. Last Call with Carson Daly: who is up that late?! The rest of the late night shows like The Daily Show, Colbert Report and some show on E, I have never seen, so I have no opinions on them.

But I do watch CBS late night. I think David Letterman is and was funny. Back when he was on NBC, he was hilarious. I don't think he is as funny as he used to, but the show is still good. But I think Craig Ferguson is a great late night host. He's hilarious and Geoff Peterson, his gay robot skeleton, work great together. Just an awesome show.

So if you have any opinions on late night, or think I was wrong on anything, leave a comment down below.

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