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Faster Everything Comes to the MacBook Pro

When you buy from Apple, you usually buy a computer with the fastest and up-to-date hardware. With the new MacBook Pro line, this makes that fact more clear. The first improvement is every MacBook Pro can get up to an Intel i7 processor, which means these laptops will be very fast. The 15 inch and 17 inch can get the quad-core i7 processor. Another improvement is Apple has introduced the Thunderbolt port, which plugs into the MiniDisplay Port unfortunately, that can get up to 10 Gbps of data transfer. Another big improvement is better graphics. The new models include the AMD Radeon graphics processor, which gives the MacBook Pro up to 3x faster than earlier models. The last big improvement is an HD webcam built in to the laptop screen. So when you're FaceTiming your friends, they can see you in crystal clear HD, which probably isn't that clear because most built-in webcams are really bad, but hopefully Apple changes this trend of crappy webcams. What do you think of the new MacBook Pro line? Does this persuade you to buy them now? Leave your opinion in the comments section below.

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Piratz Tavern has Closed, and I'm Glad

If you've ever seen the show Bar Rescue, you know that in most episodes, bar owners are decently pleased with the renovations that happen at the end of the episode. Understandably, some of the owners aren't pleased because they loved the bar they had, they just wanted it to be successful. To those owners who quietly took down the updates, or even kept them, that's cool. It's your business, do what you gotta do. One episode in particular did more than just some updates, however.

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I showed up to the T-Mobile store on launch day of the Note 7. I waited in a line of 7, which the T-Mobile folk claimed was the most they'd ever seen for any launch. I intended to the get the blue one, but I settled for the silver one. Afterwards, my experience was alright, this is it. This is the phone I intend to keep for a while. And it was just alright.

When I first switched from the iPhone 6 Plus I had, I intended my next phone to have more useful features. Sure, the iPhone was great, but there was nothing special about it. So the next phone I got was the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Had it not been for the lackluster battery life, it was great. I loved the S Pen, I thought the IR Blaster was convenient as hell, and I just felt like I could do what I wanted with the phone. After a few months I wanted to find a suitable replacement, and I went for a Samsung Galaxy S6 Active. That was great too, better battery life, still had the IR Blaster, but it was noticeably slower. Then I got …

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