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Facebook or Twitter: Who will die first?

When you think social networking, two names come to mind: Twitter and Facebook. Today, they are the top social networks. But as we’ve learned from MySpace, they don’t always last forever, and sometimes die unexpectedly. So that makes me wonder, which one will lose thunder first? Even though Facebook and Twitter are two totally different sites, they get grouped together because they both allow you to connect with people. It’s crazy to think which will end first because Facebook got more hits than Google! But if I had to guess which one will end first, I would say Facebook. The reason is Facebook does so much, someone else could offer a better version of it. In fact many other companies have tried, like Google with orkut. But Twitter is its own thing. Twitter is a mini-blog that lets anyone, even unregistered to the site, access. Facebook is a social network for you to talk with your friends and a mini-blog, but you have to be a member of the site to use it. So more people can try Twitter before they get an account, but Facebook makes you sign up to try, and you might not even like it. So that’s my opinion, but what do you think about this? Leave your opinion below.

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